50th Birthday Jokes, Quotes, and Some Funny Happy Birthday Poems

One of our pub patrons requests "50th birthday jokes" and here at Molly's Virtual Pub, we aim to please. Not that Kathleen hasn't visited this topic before, but her cup runneth over, so to speak, with the hilarity of watching someone blind-sided by their first AARP invitation dropped into the mailbox like a grenade with the pin pulled.

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50th Birthday Poems Jokes

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Coming as they do on the coat tails of the Baby Boomer generation, there seem to be a great many individuals arriving at the half-century mark. Moreover, as for those of you younger than fifty, please continue working with diligence, for older pub patrons would not wish for their Social Security benefits to dry up before they get to tap them.

Their own contributions, alas, seemed to have disappeared into some “general accounting” funds somewhere. Please do not fret, there seem to be many small fry about and they appear quite energetic. No doubt they will scramble to provide for you in your turn.

Two new birthday poems for veterinarians and physicians:

50th Birthday Jokes for Veterinarians

Does fifty years old make you blue
When considering all you've been through
To get where you are?
Canines think you're a star
And the felines respect your IQ.

50th Birthday Jokes: Physicians and Veterinarians

Look around (and it's safe to take bets)
At your scalpels, forceps and curettes
Half a century wise
This is your paradise
What you've got is as good as it gets.
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50th Birthday Jokes: Better Than Sixty

Not looking forward to fifty?
And suggestions to get a face lift? We
Should not be obtuse
You don't need the abuse.
Anyway, it's still better than sixty.

Baby Boomers

Our cohort is called "baby boomer."
Dads home from the war (there's the rumor)
Were happy to see
Our Moms such that we
Are alive to enjoy birthday humor.

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50th Birthday Poems

50 and Fit

Fifty's good, so ignore the detractor
From biking (OR running, or hiking or swimming) you are benefactor
Of health plain to see
You look thirty-three.
You're fit! And that's always a factor.

Variation: 50 with Good Intentions for a Fitness Program

Fifty's good, so ignore the detractor
Who says it's downhill now? As actor
We're in charge of our years
Getting butts into gear's
Our response to the grim malefactor.

Variation: 50 and Not So Fit

Fifty's good, so ignore the detractor
Who says it's downhill now? As actor
You're in charge of this year
Get your butt into gear
Or seek out a good chiropractor.

The American Dream

Fifty years isn't really isn't all bad
Arriving there should make you glad.
You've struggled and seen
The American Dream
And your credit score's high and ironclad.

Themes: 50th birthday poems jokes

50th birthday poems is a reminder that, at fifty, one yearns for the humanities courses previously ignored in the effort of making a livelihood. Time to go back and pick up those pieces?

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