60th Birthday Poems for Funny Birthday Toasts and Funny Over the Hill Poems.

Over the HillOver the Hill

Here's a selection of 60th birthday poems you might use for funny birthday toasts (or roasts!), and since the year is the 60th, funny over the hill poems as well. They all may be sung to Happy Birthday to You.

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60, Sport

Since you're 60, odds on,
Many sports are foregone
But there's one bright spot here, dear (friend),
All the kiddies are gone.

Over the Hill 2

Have you taken your pill?
And updated your will?
Though we shouldn't be morbid,
Sixty's over the hill.

60 Travel

Now it's quiet, that's true
Children gone, bedlam, through.
Travel to where your kids are
Cause they won't visit you.

Retiring Soon?

You have pension incomes
From accounts with good sums
Don't imagine its over
Now your "greeter" job comes.

Sixty Nest Egg

You have some way to go
On that nest egg, for though,
Likely due to inflation,
All your ducks left the row.
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