60th Birthday Toasts for Free

60th Birthday

60th Birthday Toasts for Free Here. If you've got it, flaunt it!

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The American Dream

Sixty years really isn't all bad
Think of all of the challenge you've had.
You've struggled and seen
The American Dream
And your credit score's really ironclad.


Not looking forward to sixty?
And suggestions to get a face lift? We
Should not be obtuse
You don't need the abuse.
And your bankroll and grandkids are nifty.

Poems for 60th Birthday - Baby Boomers

Our cohort is called "Baby Boomer."
Dads home from the war (there's the rumor)
Were happy to see
Our Moms such that we
At sixty, enjoy birthday humor.

Staying Fit

Sixty's good, so ignore the detractor
From biking, you are benefactor
Of health plain to see
You look forty-three.
You're fit! And that's always a factor.
*Note - this would also work with "swimming," "running," "golfing," or "hiking"

Who’s In Charge?

Sixty's good, so ignore the detractor
Who says it's downhill. You're the actor
Who's in charge of this year
Get your butt into gear
Or seek out a good chiropractor

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