A Limerick Poem: Six Years Old Through Ten Years Old

It is difficult to find a limerick poem for little persons. Find here those for: six years old, seven, eight, nine and ten year olds.

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Age 6

The reviews are all in, and they're mixed
Because you're between and betwixed
Ages seven and five
And since you've been alive
All our stuff has been broken and fixed.

Age 7

So given the pony is "out"
Seven year olds know, no doubt,
What they're not gonna get
But, dear child, please don't fret
There's a puppy around hereabout.

Age 8

Should we go to the store pretty soon
To change out the kid stuff in your room?
Cause a pale pastel wall
Yellow duckies and all
Are ripe for your friends to lampoon.

Age 9

Dear heart, we don't want to be mean.
At age nine, Dad (or Gramps) and I know you're keen
To choose your own clothes
And you choose to buy those?
Be advised, orange does not go with green.

Age 10

At ten, think I wanted a bike,
Or a mitt, or a ball, or suchlike
Your room looks like a store
And can't hold any more.
Is there anything else you would like?

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