Birthday Poems 21st Birthday

Birthday Poems 21st Birthday

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They said that you turned twenty-one
Ye gads, that's very different from
The days I tossed you in the air
And offered you a teddy bear
Must be a joke, for I recall
That only yesterday and all
You were a silly little kid.
So when is it you grew so big?
Boy, it's true, and time does fly
And I'm distressed and wonder why
And come to think of it, must be
Because I'm old now, probably.

Happy Birthday to You

You're out to win the world because
You have just what you need
At twenty-one, you're well-equipped
To strive and to succeed.
And all of us are watching you
Expecting you will soar
So many years from now, we'll say
We knew that guy (gal) before.

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