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Funny birthday poems on this page are for ages 21, 30, 40, 50 and an Index of Birthday Poems to help you find other birthday pages is below.

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Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Your birthday's here. Hip, hip, hooray!
Of all the things you'll do today
We hope the gym is one you do
We love you, so take care of "you."

Aging Gracefully

Don't fret because you're one year older
But if you need a caring shoulder
Mine's right here so have a cry
Although I can't imagine why?
You're aging gracefully, you know,
And getting wiser as you go.

Fait Accompli

The birthday that's best, some agree
Is not the one when you were three.
Each age is the best
The wise will attest
And the past is a fait accompli.

Promise this will make you howl with glee birthday poems for a guy twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, or seventy

21st Birthday

You're adult now, and want to have fun
The years have flown by, twenty-one
Is a milestone, but note
That your judgment's inchoate,
Remember you're still underdone.

Other years and Grandparent's HB $notes$ below...

30th Birthday

No matter what friends are asserting,
Twenty-nine creeps away without hurting.
Your chances for wealth,
For joy, and good health
Are still yours with a little exerting.

Happy Birthday from Grandma and Grandpa

Here's a kiss and a hug from your granny
And the gentlest of pats on your fanny
Which we grown-ups bestow
When we hope that you'll grow
To be hardworking, loving, and canny.
And your grandpa directs me to add
A check for your Mom and your Dad
To deposit for you
So you can get through
University as undergrad.
Keep going for some funny birthday poems for 40 and 50...

30 or 40, Still Mid-Life

Your 30th (OR 40th) birthday's a quest
To make this quirky milestone your best.
Still it's only mid-life
Live the rest of your life
There's not going to be a retest.

40th Birthday

Forty's tough, please don't whimper, just cross it.
You hear time's winged chariot, don't gloss it.
Memories past satisfy
And the sun is still high...
Yet you might spend the day in the closet.

50th Birthday

The race does not go to the swift.
We suggest you avoid a downshift, The
Pros tell us move it
Or else, we may lose it.
Congrats on arriving at fifty.


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