Funny Simile Poems

Here are some funny simile poems. To connect the theme, I illustrated the personality traits of human beings in the workplace.

Funny Simile Poems 01

Theses funny simile poems illustrate differing personality types as quatrain poems.

John can't sit still, his hyper ways
Cover ground like soccer plays
He's fast in other realms, I've heard,
The man is like a hummingbird
Good old Bob, he's like a mule
Though skies are rainy, gray, or cruel
What must be done, he'll never shirk
Yoked to his piles of paperwork
See the lampshade over there?
The one that Mike will surely wear
When, faster than a comet's wish
He'll knock six drinks back like a fish.
Funny Simile Poems 01

Hurry up and get in line
And fill your plate while there's still time
For Jenny's getting pretty big
Which comes from eating like a pig.

The office jackal plans a feast
That sweet young thing, his wildebeest
Who, tipsy, safe within the herd
Is led astray with flattered word.

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