Funny Thank You Notes

Herein you will find funny thank you notes to serve as an example for a teen or for a child who is being taught to show proper courtesy by practicing the etiquette of promptly responding to a gift.

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There are also thank you poems for a friend to send to a friend. They are, shall we say, “tacky”? Between good friends, such epistles are quite proper, for their humorous tackiness yet serves the requirements of courtesy.

Thank You for Dinner

The meal that you served us was grand
It was quite a relief from the canned
Gastronomic delights
That we open most nights
And a pleasant escape from the bland.

Tacky Thank You 1

Your kind thoughtfulness gave me a lift
And the present was swell. Don't get miffed
For my memory's poor
(It's a trait I deplore)
And a problem because I regift.
Molly ushers young families to this room where the other young families are segregated from those older patrons for whom the tempest of raising wailing small fry is over. These “boomers” desire nothing more than a peaceful and quiet meal and you will find them dining far down the hallway where the quiet music plays.

Anyone over fifty in this room is no doubt a grandparent and resigned to putting up to the chaos of a family meal in a restaurant. You can easily spot them, for they look tense.

However, if your thank you needs to be less frivolous, check out this page about writing thank you notes to someone who has helped with a project, a note for a mentor, or to acknowledge a friend who has helped you over a rough spot in your road.

Tacky 2

The gift was just lovely! I say,
Was it costly? How much did you pay?
It will be on display
When you come here to stay
(At least while you're here, anyway).

Funny From Teen

My Mom always tells me to write
A brief thank you note that's polite.
To avoid her tongue-lash
Thanks a bunch for the cash
And please tell her you got it, all right?

From Child - Teaching the Etiquette of a Thank You Note

Thank you for the present you brought
I am sure that I'll use it a lot
Cause I always need clothes
Cause my body outgrows
Everything that my Mommy has bought.

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