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Graduation Poems Daughter

Today, Kathleen is addressing the awkward phrase of "Graduation Poems Daughter" suggested by Ian the Geek (forgive us). Nevertheless, she wants to encourage an eighth grade friend who is graduating this year, and to scribble something appropriate on the card more inspired than the usual "Congratulations on your graduation."

Just in time for the graduation season, there are new additions to the theme of a daughter's graduation

Graduation Poems Daughter

Despite all of our gaffes, you've arrived
And despite us, you've certainly thrived
Do you think you'll reserve
Just a tad of your verve
To the efforts to which we two strived?

You've Grown Tall

When I looked yesterday, you were small
But in stature, you've surely grown tall
As a kind of grand prize
For a child who's grown wise
Here's our credit card, go to the mall.

Gene Pool

I was hoping to be more profound
On this day that you finish your round
Of years at the school
And regard your gene pool
As a positive in your background.

Years Fly By

So proud of you dear, who'd have guessed
That the years would fly by so? Now rest.
But not for too long
For now you belong
With the high-schoolers, dear, you're the best!

Challenge: Friendship Graduation Poems

Eighth grade is the portal to high school, and one must properly mark the occasion with words of support and encouragement. They grow up so fast, don't they? One day, they are using a sippy cup, and the next, they are reading War and Peace.

We Could Bust

So proud of you, dear, we could bust
You grew up way too quickly for us
But we've got your back
And there's nothing you lack
To leave all the rest in the dust.

Challenge: 8th Grade Graduation Poems

If YOU need a sentiment for that 8th grade graduation card, cut and paste one here and drop it in, or handwrite it (oh my, with our typing so facile, do we remember how to put pen to paper?).

The New Highway

Congrats, you've arrived at a day
Just the first now, of many, you may,
Like a big game of chess
Continue your best
And your high school is your new highway.

Here is the page that leads to many other graduation sentiments

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