Limericks Poems, Children's Birthday Poems

These are limericks poems, childrens birthday poems. Starting with age one, and going...?

Baby with Balloons

Age 1

So how are things going, old thing?
At one year, how much grief could life bring?
Things will only get worse
All you do now is nurse
And suck on a rusk or saltine.
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Age 2

Have you not a thing better to do
Than to throw all your food? So I'm through
Picking up once again
After you, my young friend
Kiss that dinner good-bye, adieu!

Age 3

Watching you pushing things it's a treat
Do you think you'll get somewhere, my sweet?
Round and round there you go
Yet I think you should know
At age three, that this isn't a street.

Age 4

What are you doing there, little squirt?
Are you hiding behind Mamma's skirt?
You are four years today
So get out there and play
With you cousins and roll in the dirt.

Age 5

So how are you liking pre-school?
You have no idea, little fool,
Of the road up ahead
Filled with angst, fear, and dread
And the thought that you might not be "cool."
On this page: children's birthday poems, limericks and perhaps, ages 6 through 10 coming up. Limericks, Poems and other childrens birthday poems here. Home Page, this way.

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