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In the teens' room, the task is to construct Mother's Day Poems, for Mother's Day cards require personalization for your personal mither, do they not? One of them, clueless, asked, "When is Mother's Day?" If you likewise find yourself wondering, this chart should hold you for a while: * 2007- Sunday, May 13th * 2008- Sunday, May 11 * 2009- Sunday, May 10 * 2010- Sunday, May 9

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Cool Mom!

Mother, you're not just a tool
To get us to work or to school
Your selfless devotion's
What keeps us in motion
We love you mom, we think you're cool.

Bus Driving Mom

Your life is like driving a bus
You live in your car just for us
And you never get vexed
Soccer practice is next!
And a drive-through I'd like to discuss.

Here at Molly's pub, we have just installed a drive-through for busy moms on a mission to feed the kids without damaging their wee arteries. Nothing fancy, just things like whole-wheat sandwiches with turkey and Dijon mustard – no mayonnaise–and as many vegetables as we can pile on there and still keep the sandwich together. Instead of potato chips, we offer a fruit cup dressed with vanilla yogurt. But kids don't even notice that it's a healthy meal and they go on their merry way — the next stop is the pharmacy to pick up something for sunburn (it was a long day on the playing field).

No Junk Diets

Mom, you balk if our diets are junk
You think all that fat is pure bunk
If I nag and I clown
Do you think you'll wear down?
If you don't feed our brains, we might flunk.

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