Mother's Day Poetry

Mama Cat

Need some Mother's Day poetry for your Mom? Limerick poems make especially good Mother's Day quotes for your card because they are short and snappy. It would be a disappointment for Mom to have merely a signature, wouldn't it? Write something funny or sweet so your card will be treasured on some rainy day. At Here Be Limerick Poems, our Molly has an entire box of funny Mother's Day cards saved up as memorabilia (she has a difficult time parting with the really important stuff). If your Muse drifted off, you might use one of these:

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Won the Lottery, Mom!

Of all of the dumb things I've done
Having you as a Mom isn't one,
For the lot that I drew
Brought me right here to you
In that lottery, Mom, I sure won.

The lottery is quite a game, and for Mother's Day, here's another game you might enjoy! The Mother's Day Party Games Pack with Instant Download by eMail

Never a Doubt

Did you wonder how I would turn out
With my penchant to whine and to pout?
A role model like you
Helped me get past that, too
With your help, was there ever a doubt?

Dinner for You

I'm fixing your favorite dish
And inviting you here with the wish
That your Mother's Day will
Come without a huge bill
And besides that, I also like fish.

Dinner Out

It's your day, so I wanted to know
Is there someplace that you'd like to go
For a Mother's Day gift?
But by all means, think "thrift"
As you know, we're not rolling in dough.

Missing you on Mother's Day

Here at college, it's too far to go
To your Mother's Day bash, even so,
I'd be far too remiss
If I don't tell you this
You're the best Mom around that I know.

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