Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Here are wedding anniversary quotes for personalizing your greeting card from Molly's Virtual Pub. There's also one for toasting the matriarch at her special event.

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Limerick -The Dance

The agenda I wish to advance
Is an evening of giddy romance
That we'll never forget
So surrender, my pet.
May I ask your consent for this dance?

Limerick -A Ball

We've been married so long, can't recall
Any details of meeting at all.
We have lived a long life
Being husband and wife
But I can say the trip's been a ball.

Limerick - Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock
The kids are in bed this o'clock
Before we turn in
Do you think I could win
A roll in the hay that's ad hoc?

Limerick -Snuggle

Bought some flowers for you on the 'net
Did you notice? I didn't forget
And my motives are pure!
-That's a lie, there, for sure,
Cause I'm hoping to snuggle, my pet.

Toast to the Matriarch

I would like to propose here a toast
To the woman who's given the most
To our family tribe
I present you, with pride,
Our guardian angel and host.
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